After leaving at 7:45, we arrived in Anza-Borrego at 11:20, where we immediately went on a hike. We hiked about 2/3 of a mile to The Palm Canyon Oasis, where we ate lunch and relaxed for a while. We hiked back and went to camp, and had semi-elegant dinners. After dinner everyone crowded around the warm campfire and shared stories. Almost everyone was asleep by 9:30 and woke up around 7:30. Once everyone had breakfast, the younger scouts did some rank advancement, and we left to go to the wind caves. The road in was a muddy mess and the going was slow, but we all got there fine. After only a short hike we arrived at a village-like arrangement of natural caves carved into hardened sand formations. The scouts ran off and ate lunch in the caves and after a while there we drove back. The rest of the day played out like the previous one; dinner, campfire, bed. The next day was our last day there. In the morning the younger scouts went off doing map and compass. When they got back we went out to the slot canyon. The slot canyon is a thin trail going in between two tall rock walls. At one point the trail became less than 2 feet wide! We hiked to the end of the trail and watched some Jeeps maneuvering around boulders, which was quite difficult. We hiked back to the cars and drove back to camp. Everyone raced to take down the tents and pack up. We left at around 2:00, and were all very tired from a fun and exciting weekend at Anza-Borrego.