Camp Emerald Bay was a really good experience. We all got to know each other a lot more, We all got some merit badges and we had lots of fun during the activities. To keep the fun memories, I have posted many magnificent pictures. I have also recorded some of the moments into a short summary of what had happened at the camp. Everything started on Sunday 07/28/2013. All the scouts had met up at the port where we were waiting for our boat. We left at around 1:00PM and arrived at an hour later. We were assigned our campsite and began to unload. After unloading, we were called to an all troop meeting, which was delayed multiple times. Once we got there, we were told the safety rules of the camp and went towards the waterfront (where most water related activities were held). We discussed more safety rules and went to our campsites. We had many hours to fully unpack and relax ‘till dinner started. We all then changed into our class A uniforms and went to the lodge to eat dinner at around 6:00PM. This lodge is where we ate every day. After dinner, the troop went to the main campfire hosted by the staff. Safety rules were mentioned again and many great skits were performed. After the campfire we went back into our A-Frame tents and slept, feeling ready for the week that was ahead of us. It was Monday 07/29/2013 and everyone woke up at around 6:00AM to get ready for the swim test. The swim test was at 7:00AM and the people who could not do the swim test, at that time, did it at a later time. All the scouts in our troop had passed the swim test giving us access to the waterfront. We ate breakfast immediately after a lot of scouts were done with the swim test. After breakfast, many scouts prepared for the merit badge classes they were signed up for. The merit badge classes started later because it was the first day. After a few merit badge classes, Lunch had passed by at 12:00PM. Once lunch was over we went to visit more merit badge classes, and then had a troop kayaking event. During this event other scouts had gotten the chance to finish their swim test. After having dinner, we organized ourselves for the next few days, prepared a few things for our merit badge classes, relaxed, and then went to sleep. The next day was Tuesday 07/30/2013. We had gotten up at 6:00AM again but didn’t have to do the swim test this time. We sent a few scouts to be waiters for our table at breakfast and later headed to breakfast ourselves. Once breakfast ended we proceeded to go to our merit badge classes and eat lunch. At 1:15, we were given a lecture about an event called “War Canoe”. During the event, many scouts canoe towards another part of Catalina Island called Parsons beach (Some who chose not to canoe hiked instead). Once everyone arrives at the beach, we do fun activities and campout without our A-frame tent. At around 5:00AM, everyone wakes up to prepare the Canoes and go back to the main campsite. The people who (instead of canoeing) hiked over to Parsons beach, stayed there ‘till the people on canoes floated away. There was a short troop hiking activity later that day which was breathtaking. After the hike, everyone started packing necessary troop supplies and equipment for the War Canoe experience. After preparing, all the scouts eventually fell asleep. It was Wednesday 07/31/2013. All the scouts got up at 6:00AM had breakfast again but we had to finish breakfast early to begin the War Canoe event. Everyone helped each other load the canoes and send one another off (except for the hikers). Once all the canoes were in the ocean, all of the hikers left to Parsons beach on a trail. Once the hikers arrived to Parsons, people on the canoes started arriving as well. Everyone stared pitching-in to bring the canoes in two long, orderly and organized rows of canoes one by one. As soon as the canoes were put away, we were assigned campsite #2. After setting up our supplies and where we chose to sleep, a conch was blown to remind us to meet on a giant central rock on the beach. The counselors were going over more safety rules and what activities were planned out for the day. There were two periods in the day to pick an activity. In both periods, there was a choice to pick between a hike or snorkeling. I had gotten some pictures for the morning periods hike, but then the camera died. We had eaten burgers for lunch, and then had our afternoon activity period. We had beef stew that dinner we cooked ourselves. Some guts even ate barbequed cactus. We then participated in the second activity and went to a campfire held by the Parson’s beach staff afterwards in the evening. I have say that Troop 1’s skits were my favorite. The campout was pretty fun, but when it ended we tried to immediately fall asleep because we needed to wake up super early the next day. It was then, the early morning of Thursday 08/01/2013. When we got up, we immediately started packing our troop supplies and personal supplies. We moved our bags onto a hill where we loaded them onto a truck and then, once again, helped each other take the canoes back out onto the water. The people who hiked had helped with the canoes ‘till all had left Parsons beach. Once the canoes left, they hiked back and met with the scouts that canoed at the water front. We had eaten breakfast as soon as we got back and then proceeded to continue with our merit badge classes. During our rest periods, we had put our personal belongings back into our A-frame tents. We had also planned-out who would participate in the Aquacade Events on Friday. The Aquacade was a mock Olympic event that each troop competed in. Before dinner, our troop was asked to be part of the closing flag ceremony and it went very well. After dinner, many scouts were preparing final essays, studying certain material, and getting techniques ready for the final merit badge class. Eventually, we all fell asleep awaiting the amazing things that would happen the next day. It was Friday 08/02/2013. We had gotten up to prepare for our merit badge classes, and plan some more for the Aquacade. After breakfast and the final merit badge classes, we prepared ourselves for Aquacade. At the Aquacade, we won 1st place in a couple of events (the Sand Castle and the George Washington Crossing the Delaware competitions). It was a very exciting day for all of us. We had what most consider the best dinner of the week (grilled steak and baked potatoes) right after. Once dinner was over we went to our final campfire held by the staff. They performed great skits and had us reflect on our week. Once it was over, our troop had a night hike towards the chapel on a cliff overlooking the starlit night sky and the lit-up Maritime ship just off the harbor. We reflected on our scout traits, the experience we had, and how we bonded as a troop. After the hike we went back to our campsite to pack our stuff and sleep. Saturday 08/03/2013 rolled around - the final day. Everyone finished packing all of their belongings once they got up. After we finished packing everything, we brought our bags near the waterfront at 7:30AM. Breakfast started at a later time and there were no merit badge classes. There was an ending ceremony held at the lodge were we ate. We also found out the official overall troop winner of the Aquacade, it wasn’t us sadly. We were told to go to the waterfront before we were scheduled so there was a little chaos. Once we were on board the boat we had finally organized ourselves. After waiting for many troops to get on board, we were headed back home to our families. It didn’t take very long to get back to the port, where the adventure all started. I stayed and watched as every family left. Overall, it was a very fun experience and it feels nice to be the lucky person to record this great experience. Thank you for reading! Daniel Sebastian Delgadillo, Jr. (I had originally posted this 3-4 weeks ago but I guess it didn't properly upload.)The rest of the photos are coming by Wednesday!